Credit Repair Testimonials -

Credit Repair Testimonials

I cannot say enough about what a great company Lexington Law is. I went from having a credit score in the low 500’s this time last year, to being in the mid to upper 600’s as of now. I highly recommend Lexington Law to everyone out there struggling with incorrect information being reported on their credit reports. I had fought the credit bureau’s for year’s trying to get them to correct inaccurate information on my credit file’s, without result’s. But within a matter of a few months as a client, I’ve already seen my credit score rise by 50 points! Something I know could not have been accomplished without Lexington Law.

Thank you for all you have accomplished in my

Tina, Lexington Client

I am so thankful that I enrolled in your services.
In August when I signed up with Lexington Law I had about a 600 average credit score and wanted to attain a mortgage. I enrolled in your Concord Standard package and I can happily say that with your services and in just over two months my credit score has raised over 40 points and I now am able to purchase a home!!! On my Experian Credit report you were able to delete 3 of my 7 items within two months!!

Thank you for your time, hard work and perseverance. I will be moving into my new home the first week in December and two months ago this only looked like a dream. I have already recommended and will continue to recommend your services to all my family and friends.

Jonathan, Lexington Client

I have been a client with Lexington Law for a brief eight months and have had wonderful customer service and moreover, as of last month have had every credit issue cleared from all three credit reporting agencies. I have opted to stay with Lexington Law for a couple more months as a maintenance/preventative measure before leaving such helpful folks.

Susan, Lexington Client

I would just like to take a few moments to express my sincere gratitude to all the Lexington Law Firm employees that have worked on my account. I have been disputing items on my credit report on my own since 2005. I got lucky on a couple of items but mostly I got frustrated. Creditors and credit bureaus have a good way of making you feel stupid and inadequate. That is precisely why I chose to employ Lexington Law Firm to assist me and it has greatly paid off. For that, I thank you!!

When I opened the account with Lexington Law Firm my husband told me it was a scam and that the firm was going to take my money and I wouldn’t get anything resolved. I CANNOT WAIT TO RUB THIS IN HIS FACE SUCKER!!! There has only been one thing deleted from my credit file to date…so you ask why I am so excited because the one thing you guys got deleted was the oldest,
largest, and worst account I had on file. For that I am grateful!!! I will bless the name of Lexington Law Firm everywhere I go and I look forward to more glorious deletions in the future! Thanks

Katrina, Lexington Client

I am extremely happy and more than satisfied with the service I’ve received from Lexington Law. Each time I’ve contacted the firm to ask a question or to get an update on my case, I’ve spoken with an extremely professional and helpful associate. I always feel a sense of caring by the individual for my case and a true desire to help me. The people I spoke with guided me on each step I had to do to ensure things were done correctly the first time and their attention to detail was marvelous.

I started with Lexington Law at the middle of January and 4 months later, I’m delighted to state that all the negative issues on my credit reports have been resolved, such that there are no (zero) negative items showing and my scores are all well above 690.

Thank you Lexington Law for your dedicated and caring staff.

Larry, Lexington Client

After looking at my most recent credit report, everything that I needed was taken care of. Thank you for your help!!

Robert, Lexington Client

I have to tell you that I’ve never had such a great team of people working together to achieve a goal which dealt with my personal credit score such as your company. Currently my credit score is around an 800.

When we started this adventure after the 2008 President Bush / Credit Card / Bank Bailout, my credit score was pushed down to a meager 344 due to a miscalculation on the credit re-scoring audit. Without your help I would have never qualified for the best possible conventional home loan on the market. 5.2% which is what my wife and I had planned after selling our current home.

Thank you,

Glenn, Lexington Client

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Thank you so much. This has been bugging me for about two years and I finally took the initiative of getting a reputable organization to do the dirty work for me.

It took less time than I expected and once I was done I simply called and told you guys I didn’t need the service anymore, in other words- no contract, no after hassles.

I live happily ever after, the End.

Thanks again,

Jean, Lexington Client


Thank you so very much. Know that I sincerely appreciate the efforts of Lexington Law firm to help me scrub my credit report and help me lift my score just as aggressively as possible, and how quickly we were able to do this.


Pegg, Lexington Client


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I believe you have a well run organization and I used your services for many months. My problems were solved. I’m recommending that several of my friends use your services.

Amy, Lexington Client



I signed up with Lexington Law about 1 1/2 years ago at the suggestion of a man I did not know as I was waiting in line at the bank. He heard me talking about my bad credit, and how my life had literally been ruined and I couldn’t even get an apartment. He told me about Lexington Law on the internet and told me he had signed up and that it was the best thing he had ever done. He explained that it would take more than a year, maybe longer but that it would be well worth the investment and that slowly, over time, it would become apparent that my credit history really was improving. I have made bad choices in my past that directly affected my credit. However, I have matured and knew I needed to do something legally but was afraid I could never afford an attorney to clean up my credit.

So, I took some time and researched Lexington Law and found that they were in good standing with the BBB, and the plans and the cost were thoroughly explained and realistically priced. Then I called and talked to someone and they explained even more, they mailed me some information on their firm and I made the quality decision for MY life to become a client of Lexington Law. This “choice” was the most important I had ever made in my finances, as I knew that to be effective I had to stay with the plan–and not waver or given in to discouragement. It was very hard for me financially as I am on Disability, and don’t have financial resources to do anything–but I KNEW I had to clean up my credit–I had no choice– because landlords wouldn’t rent to me. I stayed with it, paid my monthly plan membership, and have now been able to go on a “maintenance” low cost plan per month and I intend to retain
Lexington Law indefinitely for monitoring or if negative items appear again, they immediately go to work for you. In today’s world everyone needs monitoring of credit due to ID theft and nasty creditors who don’t want to leave you alone.

I feel secure knowing that Lexington is always there in the background ready to step in for me. And I’m not through yet. It took YEARS, decades, to mess up my credit and to fix it doesn’t happen overnight, or even a couple months. I have been patient and it has paid off. It has also been a sacrifice. But I would do it all over again. They really work for their client and have made me a happy recipient of their hard work. Lexington Law is always available when you need to talk and they follow up on each and every communication with their client. I now have an apartment on a year lease and I KNOW it is because my credit has been cleaned up by
Lexington Law. I can’t recommend them high enough. As I’ve told them before, THEY ROCK!!!

Carol, Lexington Law


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